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We are the future of sound

Day by day, we do our best to develop our partnerships with international brands in order to bring you diversity, exclusivity and above all the best quality of sound and lights.

This time is unlike any other,

Sound Source is officially the first and only distributor of KV2 AUDIO brand sound systems in Tunisia.

And that's not all...

Today we have the honor and it gave us great pleasure to have won the trust of the representatives of KV2 AUDIO and to be their first distributor in the greater Maghreb, this brand which has stood out has made a breakthrough. Unprecedented in the field of pro audio, recurrence on the sound reinforcement market with its uncompromising manufacturing. The high performance and dynamism of its experts, have been adopted in the development of their products.

So if you are looking for KV2 AUDIO in North Africa you know where to find it.

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